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My attitude towards life as well as towards profession has largely been conditioned by my prolonged association with hills. A masters degree in Botany gave me, during my formative years, an opportunity to see the grandeur of Himalayas from Alpine heights to feel their munificence and benignity from close quarters and also to conclude finally that despite the wrongs they are being subjected in our times how they do appear to have been maintaining their faith in essential goodness of man. It is this essence of mountains which I try to emulate in my thoughts and actions and also feel like sharing with my colleagues and students.For over a score of year I worked as PGT Biology in Birla Vidya Mandir  -  a heritage residential public school in the state of Uttrakhand at Nainital. I also had an opportunity for working as a house master in one of the senior house, Tilak House for over 10 years. This institution has quite a lot to impress upon you both in terms of its beautiful environs and values it stands for.In August 2006, it was my first posting as Principal at DAV Ambuja Vidya Niketan, Darlaghat, Distt. Solan, Himachal Pradesh  -   a project school of DAV CMC with Ambuja Cements Ltd. It is an ideal institution with all conceivable facilities for a day school. I tried to make my level best efforts to lead the school in right direction. I can say that serving DAV Ambuja Vidya Niketan -   has been a learning and enjoyable experience for me.I was transferred to this school by DAV College Managing Committee on 20th March 2010 and I reported my joining in the school on 31st March and took over the charge of Principal from Ms. R. Arora on 1st April 2010.I joined the institution with an avowed aim to bringing about a happy blending of academic standards and time tested universal values of our culture like self abnegation, capacity to lead, cooperation, empathy and so on. While the academic thrust in general considered of developing a conducive atmosphere for savouring the joys of learning by way of better interaction both with students and teachers, the general grooming was ensured through various in-house clubs and societies, mass participation of students in co-scholastic activities and also through morning assembly and periodical Havana. Activities in playground go a long way in the development of the personality of a student. Keeping in view the great physical, social, recreational and educational values of ground activities, the games like basketball, handball, kho-kho, volleyball and athletics were organized from time to time during the year.School hostel has been providing all the amenities to make a boarder feel at home.As on date we have 35 students (boys) from class VI to XII in the hostel.Proper diet, studies, morning workout, games, health and hygiene are well looked after by the competent warden, resident teachers, tutors and other staff on duties. Students activities are constantly supervised and monitored and emphasis is given on safety and security of the students in the hostel.For the general uplift of aesthetics within the campus lush green perennial like bamboos, Nerium, China Rose etc. were planted. In due course as in-house herbarium is bound to emerge as a potent marketing tool.Educational Technology has significant potential for students learning. We are planning for wired enabled projections in about 10 classrooms this year for projecting digital academic contents. I do hope with the infusion of technology in school's operations the teachers will assume new roles and new skills.

Apart from adding sufficient reference books for the students of Sr. Secondary level a number of magazines and periodicals have been introduced in school library. With the aim to develop reading habit right from the beginning attractive story books from leading publication  have introduced for the different levels (age groups) of the students."An institution is the lengthened shadow of one man". History shows that wherever a leader achieved more than ordinary successes, he has gathered his team first. Of course a leader has to inspire them, set course, provide the momentum and steer them in profitable directions. Our present accomplishment has strengthened our view that 3ds - devotion, dedication and determination coupled with faith in God pay rich dividends in the end.Dear Children we may forget many things that we learn, but what remains are the values that we live by. The values that we imbibe into our lives become a part of us. Values are the emotional rules. The purpose of our being in DAV is to develop these values and bring out a harmonious personality. May your greatness be witnessed by the society as your recognize the greatness of others with whom you live irrespective of caste, creed & colour.
God bless you.